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The Fourth Wall, a game where you just need to reach a tunnel entrance, sounds simple doesn't it ?

Hello player, the development of this game was not supposed to be completed. But I chose to try to finish it, you can see this game as a finished prototype.

You are William, an employee working at Overstraw, in the town of Stanford, you wake up late at night, you don’t understand why no one woke you up.

Your goal is to reach the entrance of the tunnel, where you can leave the place, there is no scripted way to go there, just elements to help you.. Sounds simple, doesn’t it ?

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(Can be changed in game)

W A S D to move

Left Ctrl to crouch

Left Shift to run

Space to jump

Q to lean left

R to lean right

E to interact

Right Click to throw the throwable item (In hand)

Click on a item (In the inventory) to select it

Press F11 to make the game fullscreen

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Main menu music: A.Krishna ~ Clair De Lune Ethereal Remix

Menu in game music: Kevin MacLeod ~ SCP-x6x (Hopes)

Game font:  stereoFidelic

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Dev Details

All 3d models have been made by me (Really really bad idea, never do that, if you want to improve your modelisation skills do not make a game at the same time, just make a lot of 3d models (It was a year ago, I was really overscoping.)) 

The models and elements that were downloaded or modified are: -Air horn, coat tree, can, fire extinguisher, every tree, TV cabinet, some images, every music, every sound effect.

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3D sound  (7.1) is available in the game, I advise you to use an headset for a better experience.

The game is short, so there is no save system in the game.

Hope you will appreciate the game and good luck !

Install instructions

Extract the rar, in the folder "The Fourth Wall 1.02", there is the file "TheFourthWall.exe", just launch it and you can play the game.


The Fourth Wall 1.02.rar 225 MB

Development log


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Strange bug with animation freeze and "floor being renovated" message with the wrong door corrected.